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about MUSE:

MUSE is the first complete free and advert free music streaming service. We offer you music without limits, for free.

Yes, MUSE is completely legal.

MUSE uses YouTube videos as music sources. When you want to play a song, MUSE searches for you the fitting video on YouTube. Due to that we can provide you a large music variety, completely for free.

MUSE has over 30 million songs and more than 50.000 original music videos for you.


With our Webplayer you can access MUSE from every computer with every operating system and every browser. It is the easiest way to listen to your music.

You can access the Webplayer from the MUSE homepage. Just go to and click on the button „Start now: Webplayer“ directly at the top of the page.

In order to change your personal settings (i.e. your name, profit picture, password) or to log out you have to click wheel right next to your name. There you find everything mentioned.


Yes, MUSE has an official android app. You can download the app from the starting page at downloads or also inside the web player at „App & Extension“

We are working working hard to bring MUSE to iOS but unfortunately at the moment we do not provide an app for iOS. But it is soon to come.

Yes, there is! You can download our desktop client under download, only for windows. But we also offer a MUSE Chrome Extension. You can easily download the MUSE extension with your chrome browser on every OS (you can find it here). You can also find everything in „App & Extension“ within MUSE.

MUSE Features:

In Trending, you can find early the most popular albums at the moment. Trending displays the Top 40 albums, which makes it easy for you to keep up and listen more faster to the most popular music.

Discovers shows a huge variety of different music genres. You can scroll through discover, chose a genre and as soon as you click on one, MUSE shows you the most popular artist in this specific genre. Discover makes it easy for you to discover new genres and music, just with a fingetip.

Explore makes it even more easy for you to discover artist and new songs. Behind explore is a intelligent search algorithm, which sounds complicated but it is the exact opposite. Just type in an artist name and Explore will do the rest.

Magic is an intelligent videos player. Once you click on Magic, it will direct you to the MUSE Magic page. There you just have to type an the name of the artist Magic should base on and Magic begins it work. It will show you a different variety of music videos based on the artist you told it. You can skip a music video if you don’t like it and Magic will start the next related one. It really is.. you guessed it, magical.

Top Hits is our most frequent feature. It shows you the live Top 50 songs worldwide. There you can see which song is the most listend at the moment, which one is new up there or which one is still in the Top 50.

In New Releases you can see all new songs, which were just published. It displays every genre and every artist, no matter how famous he/she is. Updated weekly, it is the best way to keep up with new music.

Genres & Moods shows our public playlists. These are playlists which are already pre-made and therefore for everybody to listen. We are very proud to provide our public playlists because their are only done and updated by real humans (music experts and fans), which you can feel and of course listen.

Live Radio is a unique feature, which no other comparator offers. We offer a lot of online radio streams from real and popular radio stations from all over the world. And you can listen to all of them for free and inside MUSE. We are constantly working to add more and more radio stations form all over the world so everyone can listen to every station, no matter where he is (right now we have 31 stations from 10 countries). Also inside Live Radio, we offer our own live radio called „Official MUSE Radio“, which delivers you the best music 24 hours every day without advertisement.

Inside App & Extension you can find your android app, which is ready to download for free. But also the Chrome and Firefox Extension can be found inside of App & Extension.

MUSE Usage:

Every song has a video linked to it, which can be showed or can be hide during the playback. You can easily see the video when you click on the video button, which can be found in the bottom bar right next to the lyrics buttom. To close the video windows you can click on the orange x at the right corner on the top or just click again on the video button.

In order to see the lyrics, you have to click on the lyrics button. It can be found at the bottom bar on the right. To close the lyrics windows you can click on the orange x at the right corner on the top or just click again on the lyrics button.

You can easily add songs to your library by clicking on the plus symbol, which can be found next to every song title. If somehow you can’t find the plus symbol, you can also add songs by clicking right on the song. A pop up menu appears. There you only have to click on „Add to your music“.

To share songs, you have to right click on that specific song. A pop up menu appears. There you only have to click on „Share“. A new window comes up in which you can decide to just copy the link of the song, to send the link via email or to share it directly to i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Tumblr.

On the left side bar you can find under all MUSE Features your personal „space“. You you scroll down, you can find the part playlists. To create an own playlists, you just have to click on the plus and give your playlist a name.

Do add songs to your playlists, just right click on a song. A pop up menu appears in which you can add it to one of your playlists.

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